Privacy Policy

  • Last Updated: April 14, 2014

    This Privacy Policy provides information on the policies and procedures of BERGARIUS Ltd for the collection, use, and disclosure of private information that it receives from users of (henceforth referred to as ‘the site’) and ORBITUM (collectively referred to as ‘the application’)

    ORBITUM browser is an internet browser that enables users to access and use internet based services such as browsing, instant messaging, news feeds and content usage and sharing, among others. The policy is only applicable to information that users of the application or the site provide. The privacy Policy is subject to periodic reviews and changes. All users will be informed in case of any substantial changes. New Privacy Policies will be placed on the site. The company advises users to check the site regularly for any changes in the policy. The terms used in this Privacy Policy are similar meanings as those used in our Terms of Service, available at

    The terms “using” and “processing” information, as used in this policy, include the use of cookies on a computer, and statistical or other analysis of the information. It also includes the collection, storage, modification, use, combination, deletion, disclosure, and transfer of information within our organization or among the affiliates of the company, within the United States and internationally.

  • Information Collection and Use

    We gather information with the main goals of providing and improving our site, the application and features and content relating

    Our main goals in gathering information are the provision and improvement of the Application, Site, and features and content relating thereto (together, the “Service”) and to improve users’ experiences on the site’s services.

    • To access some features of the Service, we will request for information that personally identifies you. This denotes personal identification and contact information, otherwise referred to as “Personal Information.” Personal Information comprises, among others, your username and email address. Your username can be any name of your own choice and does not necessarily have to be your real name. However, in case your user name is your real name, it will be regarded as personal information. We use your Personal Information for provision of the Service you and administration of your inquiries.

    • Whenever you visit the Site and or/ install any Application component, we also collect other information such as your computer’s IP (Internet Protocol) address, version or type of browser, version and/ or type of operating system, and the web page you visited before visiting our site, the time spent on previous pages, the contents of your search, dates and times of access, and the usage statistics for the application, among other statistics characterized as “Non-Identifying Information.” The company shall use this information to screen and investigate the Site and the Application’s usage and for technical administration purposes, to increase our Site and Application’s functionality and user-friendliness, and to improve modification of the Site and Application to suit our visitors’ needs. For instance, certain information collected can help the site and the application to recognize you and serve accurate search results whenever you visit, and advertisements and other information on the site are modified to suit your interests. This information also helps localize and make results to match the country through appropriate adaptations. We may aggregate, analyze and evaluate Non-Identifying Information as defined in this Policy but will not use it as Personal Information or in any way use it in association with other Personal information.

    • The ORBITUM search service (, in the process of handling a particular search query, directs a request to our servers. The request comprises the keyword query, time of day, IP address (an anonymous unique ID), browser type, and default language setting. We use this information to accurately process your search request. For instance, this data offers information on your preferred language of use plus your geographical location. Such information is logged as Non-Identifying Information, and is kept strictly secret and is not personally identifiable. Moreover, all information concerning search activity is assessed only on a combined basis (bar responses to customers service inquiry or legal process).

    • Some Non-Identifying Information would be deemed as your Personal Information if it were linked with other identifiers in a way that makes you easily recognizable (for instance, linking your browser type to your email address). However, when they are used alone or joined only with other non-identifying information, the same pieces of information are considered Non-Identifying Information (for instance, if your browser is linked to your viewing preferences). We may link your Personal Information and Non-Identifying Information and compare it with information gathered from several BERGARIUS users to try to offer you an improved experience, to improve the quality and significance of the Service and to evaluate and appreciate how clients use the Service. We may also use the collective information without combining it to assist you specifically, for example to bring to you a product matching your preferences or limitations.


    ORBITUM has an update feature, which checks BERGARIUS's servers intermittently to guarantee that you are using the latest version of our browser (which is a more stable, secure and feature-rich version of the ORBITUM).

    Similar to most Web sites, our servers habitually make note of the page requests made in each of your visits to our sites. These “server logs” naturally comprise your web request, browser type, browser language, IP address, the date and time of your request and some cookies that may distinctively identify your browser.

    • The Internet Protocol address assigned to the user by the user’s ISP; which, depending on the user’s service, may be different each time they connect to the Internet

    • The date and time of the query

    • The requested URL, including the search query

    • The browser and operating system (OS) being used

    • The unique cookie ID assigned to this particular computer the first time it visited BERGARIUS's web site(s). (Users can delete Cookies. In case the user deleted the cookie from the computer the last time s/he visited BERGARIUS's web site(s), then the unique cookie ID assigned to the user the next time s/he visits the Site will be used

    Moreover, some features of BERGARIUS Browser send limited additional information to BERGARIUS:

    • Queries typed in the address bar as in the search pages

    Information stored on your computer when you use ORBITUM ORBITUM records useful information about your browsing history on your computer’s memory, namely:

    • Simple browsing history information: the URLs of pages that you visited, a cache file of text from those pages, and a list of some IP addresses linked from pages that you visited.

    • A searchable index of most of the pages that you visit (except secure pages with "https" web addresses, such as some bank pages)

    • Thumbnail-sized snapshots of most of pages you visit frequently

    • Cookies or web storage data stored on your device by websites you visit

    • A list of the downloads you have made from these websites

    You can delete all or sections of this history (compare with. the "Delete your browsing history" section)

    Delete your browsing history

    • Delete your entire browsing history

    • Click the “wrench” icon on the browser toolbar.

    • Select Tools.

    • Click Clear browsing history

    • In the resulting dialog box, click the "Clear browsing history" checkbox.

    • Use the "Clear data from this period" menu to choose the amount of data you want to delete. Select everything to delete your entire browsing history.

    • Click Clear browsing data.

    When you clear your entire browsing history, it removes the information below from ORBITUM and your computer:

    • record on the History page of web addresses you've visited,

    • Cached text of pages that you visited

    • Screenshots of pages you visit regularly

    • Any IP addresses obtained from pages you've visited

    To clear precise items from your browsing history

    • Click, on the browser toolbar, the icon marked “wrench.”

    • Click History.

    • Select Edit items on the blue bar at the top of the page.

    • Select the checkboxes matching the items you'd like to remove.

    • Select Remove selected items.

    • Click “done removing items” on the blue bar at the top of the page to revert to your normal view.

    Clear your browsing history from the address bar

    You can clear your entire browsing history to prevent matches to your browsing history from appearing in the address bar through the steps above.

    You can also control the information saved by ORBITUM on your computer with incognito mode. This mode prevents the browser from storing simple browsing history information such as URLs, caches of page text, or IP addresses of pages drawn from the websites you visit. It will also prevent storage of snapshots of pages that you visit and record your downloads. (Though such information could still be stored in other places on your computer.) New cookies received in this mode are saved once you close your browser or return to normal browsing mode. The incognito icon appears in the top corner of your browser whenever you are in this mode; it can also be indicated by a change in the color of your browser window’s border.

    When you alter your browser configuration, such as saving bookmarks for web pages or altering your settings, this information is also saved. These modifications are not affected by incognito mode.

    You can elect to allow ORBITUM store your passwords for specific websites. Saved passwords can be revised in the Personal Stuff tab of the Options dialog box.

  • Privacy preferences

    You may modify all your privacy preferences for ORBITUM using the Options dialog, under the Privacy section placed at the top of the “Under the Hood” tab.

  • COOKIES – ORBITUM related elements

    You can complete control cookie permissions in ORBITUM. You can change the setting to block or allow some cookies, which are all allowed by default. An icon appears at the end of the address bar will notify you if cookies have been set or blocked on the page you’re viewing.

    Change cookie permissions

    • Select the “wrench” icon from the ORBITUM toolbar.

    • Click “Options”

    • Select the “Under the Hood” tab.

    • Select Content settings in the "Privacy" section.

    • Select the “Cookies” tab in the Content Settings dialog that appears:

      Delete cookies

      • Click “Show cookies and other site data.”

      • To delete all cookies, select “Remove all.”

      • To delete a specific cookie, click on the site that issued the cookie, select the cookie, and click “Remove.”

      Block cookies by default

      • Block all cookies: Choose "Block sites from setting any data," bear in mind that choosing this setting will block most sites that require you to sign in. Whenever a cookie has been blocked, it will be shown in the address bar.

      • Block only third-party cookies: Select the "Block all third-party cookies without exception" checkbox. In case you've added a site to the Exceptions dialog and have allowed its cookies, the site's third-party cookies will still be blocked if this checkbox is selected

      Allow cookies by default

      • Ensure that "Allow local data to be set" is selected to accept both first party and third-party cookies. If you want to accept first-party cookies only, choose the "Block all third-party cookies without exception" option in the checkboxes.

    Similar to many websites and services, we use “cookies” to collect information. A cookie is a minor data file that we move to your computer’s memory for record-keeping purposes. These cookies serve two purposes. First, we employ persistent cookies to save your username and password for future logins to the Application or Site, in case it is applicable, and to store your preferences. Second, we use session ID cookies to allow a number of features of the Site and Application, to improve our understanding of your interaction with the Site and Application and to monitor comparative usage by BERGARIUS users and web traffic routing on the Site. In contrast to persistent cookies, session cookies are erased from your computer when you log off from the Site and Application and then exit your browser. A cookie does not permit the removal of any personally identifiable information (such as your real name or address) without your consent and intentional supply of such information when using the Site or the Application. You can set your browser, by altering its options, to stop accepting cookies or to prompt you before accepting a cookie from the websites you visit. It is important that you accept cookies, however, to allow you to use all portions of the Site or all functionality of the Application.

  • Phishing

    “Phishing,” and identity theft are pertinent issues for BERGARIUS. Protection of information to help shield you from identity theft is of great importance. We do not and will at no time, ask for your credit card information, national identification numbers, your username, or password in a non-secure or unasked-for e-mail or through telephone communication. Additional information about phishing is available on the US Federal Trade Commission’s website.

  • Information Sharing and Disclosure

    Aggregate Information and Non-Identifying Information. BERGARIUS may share aggregated information that excludes Personal Information and we may otherwise disclose Non-Identifying Information to third parties for purposes such as demographic profiling, industry analysis, and other purposes. Any collated information shared in these circumstances shall not include your Personal Information.

    Service Providers. We may hire third party corporations and persons to assist in our Service, offer the Service on our behalf, to execute Service-related activities (such as, but not limited to, maintenance services, web analytics, database management, and upgrading of the Site or Application’s features) or to help us in evaluating ways in which our Application and Site are used. These third parties may obtain your Personal Information only to perform such tasks on our behalf and have the obligation not to disclose or use it for any other purpose.

    Compliance with Laws and Law Enforcement. We work with government and law enforcement officials and private parties to administer and observe the law. We will divulge any information concerning you to government or law enforcement officials or private parties as we, in our individual discretion, deem necessary or suitable to respond to claims and legal process (including, without limitation, subpoenas), to safeguard the property and rights of BERGARIUS or a third party, to guard the safety of the public or any person, or to avert or stop activity we may deem to be, or to pose a risk of being, any unlawful, unethical or legally actionable activity.

    In case of an acquisition, merger, reorganization or sale of asset, BERGARIUS may sell, transfer or otherwise share some or all of its assets, including your Personal Information. The same may be done in the event of bankruptcy.

  • Changing or Deleting Your Information

    All users who provide Personal Information to BERGARIUS are free to update, review, delete or correct the Personal Information provided to us by contacting us. In case you delete completely all personal information, then your account may be deactivated. In case you would like us to remove your record from our system, kindly contact us at with a request for deletion of your Personal Information from our database. We will use economically practical efforts to honor your application. You can also uninstall the Application at any time you wish. We may however retain an archived copy of your records, as the law requires or for legitimate business uses.

  • Security

    BERGARIUS safeguards your information with the utmost concern with administrative, physical, and electronic procedures intended to protect your information from unsanctioned access.

    You will be informed of any legally required disclosures, breach of the confidentiality, security, or integrity of your unencrypted electronically stored “personal data” (as defined in appropriate state statutes on security breach notification) to you via noticeable placement on this Site in the most convenient time possible, without unreasonable delay, to suit (i) the valid needs of law enforcement or (ii) any measures essential to determination of the scope of the breach and restore the reasonable integrity of the data system.

  • International Transfer

    We may transfer your information and maintain it on computers located outside governmental jurisdictions such as state, province, or country in which the privacy laws may be less protective compared to those in your jurisdiction. All information provided to us by users outside the United Kingdom with their consent is transferred to the United Kingdom for processing by BERGARIUS. Your consent to this Privacy Policy and your submission of such information shows your agreement to such a transfer.

  • Links to Other Sites

    Our Site and Application will provide you with access to links to other sites. In case you decide to visit an advertiser through “clicking on” a banner ad or other form of advertisement, or click on alternative third party links, the links will direct you to other (third party) website. Linking you to a website or an advertisement banner does not mean that we endorse or authorize the site. It in no means represents our affiliation to that third party or an endorsement of their confidentiality or information security rules and practices. We have no control over third party websites. Third party websites may perhaps place their own cookies or similar files on your computer, mine data, or seek confidential information from you. Rules regarding the use and disclosure of personal information vary from site to site. You should therefore go through the privacy policies or statements of every website that you visit.

  • Our Policy toward Children

    This Site, Application, and Service are not to be used by children under 13. We do not condone the collection with prior knowledge, of personally identifiable information from children under the age of 13. If a parent or guardian discovers that his or her child has given us Personal Information without their consent, the parent ought to contact us at If we are informed or find out that a child under 13 has provided us with Personal Information, we shall remove such information from our records.

  • Contacting Us

    If you have any enquiries about this Privacy Policy, kindly contact us at

    Georgiou Gennadiou, 10
    AgathangeloS Court, Flat/Office 403
    3041, Limassol, Cyprus